Research Interests

Our primary research area is in digital and mixed-signal circuit design for high-performance and low-power integrated systems in late-CMOS and post-CMOS technologies. Target applications encompass high-speed microprocessors, portable computers, sensor networks, spintronic systems, biomedical instruments, implantable devices, and flexible electronics. Scaling of silicon MOS transistors in the nanometer dimension will continue to trouble designers with issues such as leakage power, statistical variability, power delivery, interconnect, reliability, testing, quantum effects, etc. Yet unknown problems will arise as researchers seek for solutions to continue the historical rate of progress. Numerous research opportunities at all levels of design (software, system, architecture, circuit, device, CAD, assembly, etc) will offer innovative solutions to extend Moore¡¯s law beyond 2015. Our research team's effort focuses in the cooperative field of circuit/device and circuit/architecture for solving issues with designing high performance, low power VLSI systems in the nanometer regime.