May 2024 Professor Kim was named a Mcknight Presidential Endowed Chair, one of the highest honors at the University [LINK] 

Oct 2023 Our paper on a 48-spin all-to-all connected Ising solver chip has been published in Nature Electronics and is featured on the cover page. This research has also drawn significant interest from IEEE Spectrum and the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota.  [IEEE SPECTRUM] [ANNOUNCEMENT] [COVER IMAGE] [ARTICLE] [PREPRINT]

Jan 2023 We are embarking on several new projects aiming at developing commercially-viable quantum-inspired computing chips [NEWS]

May 2022 Our quantum-inspired Ising chip with almost 2,000 coupled ring oscillators is published in Nature Electronics [PAPER] [NEWS] [BRIEFING]

April 2022 Professor Kim is recognized as Distinguished Mcknight University Professor [ECE NEWS] [UNIVERSITY NEWS] 

March 2022: RTL and testbench of our open-source silicon odometer aging sensor is now available on Github: [PAPER]

June 2021: Prof. Kim is appointed as Louis John Schnell Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

December 2020: Dr. Kichul Chun (PhD, 2012) has been promoted to VP at Samsung Electronics. Prof. Bongjin Kim (PhD, 2015) has joined UC Santa Barbara as an assistant professor. Prof. Jie Gu (PhD, 2008) received the prestegious NSF Career award last year. Dr. John Keane (PhD, 2010) is promoted to a senior engineering manager at Medtronic. Congratulations to our group's alumni for their well-deserved achievements.  

June 2020: Ibrahim presented his 560 coupled oscillator Ising chip at theVLSI symposium. Watch video here

April 2020: Five alumni present papers at 2020 ISSCC. Read more at

October 2018: Minsu's eFlash based neural network paper (in collaboration with Anaflash) is accepted to IEDM. This year, our group publishes in all three major VLSI conferences; ISSCC, VLSI Symposium, and IEDM. 

April 2018: Prof. Kim receives the University of Minnesota Taylor Award for Distinguished Research. [Link1][Link2]

Sep. 2017: Saurabh's paper on a 14nm logic soft error test chip has been accepted to IEDM as a best student paper candidate. 

July 2017: Our group wins the ISLPED best paper award, two years in a row. Congratulations Muqing and Chen!

May 2017 Muqing's ISLPED paper entitled "A Data Remanence based Approach to Generate 100% Stable Keys from an SRAM Physical Unclonable Function" is selected as one of three best paper candidates.